Worship Information

Worship Schedule

Weekly Sunday Worship at 9:00 am.
Coffee and Conversation in the Social Room at 10:00 am.
Education Hour for children age 3 to 12th grade, September through May at 10:05 am.


Lenten Soup Suppers 5:30 - 6:45 PM                  Lenten Worship Service 7:00 pm

worship Broadcasts

Sunday morning worship is broadcast on KRJB 106.5 FM, or you may also view it on our website via YouTube.

Style of Worship

In order to address individual preferences we offer both traditional and contemporary worship. Traditional worship is generally held on the first, second and fourth Sundays of the month. Celebration worship which is more contemporary is held on the third Sunday of the month, September through May.

Special Worship Service times will be announced for Confirmation, Lent, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.


Holy Communion is served the first and third Sundays of each month. We sincerely welcome to the Lord’s table all baptized and believing Christians who confess that they are sinners and need forgiveness. We believe that Jesus Christ is truly present in and with the Bread and Wine offered in the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

If You Are Looking for a Church-Please Consider Grace

We welcome you to come and see what is happening at Grace. We would be delighted to visit with you about becoming a part of the Grace family. Please call the church office at 218-784-4010 to visit with the pastor, who can answer any questions you may have about becoming a member. 

Grace Q & A

What Should I Wear?

  • When you visit Grace on a Sunday morning, there’s no need to worry about what you should wear. Wear whatever makes you comfortable. You’ll see people in the pews dressed in all styles—from shorts to jeans to khakis to business suits in all worship services at Grace.

What Happens When I Get There?

  • When you come into the building on a Sunday morning, someone will be there to greet you as you come up the main stairway to the Sanctuary.
  • A printed bulletin with the order of service and weekly announcements will be given to you by an usher as you enter the Sanctuary.
  • If you need a large print bulletin or a hearing device please let one of the ushers know.
  • If you have young children, ask the usher as you enter the sanctuary for a bag with activity sheets and crayons. 

What Happens During the Service?

  • Each service will normally include singing, Bible readings, a children's message,  prayers and an easy to listen to sermon.
  • Near the beginning, the pastor will invite you to greet the people sitting around you, but no one will single you out as a visitor.
  • During most services we have a time when children will be invited to come to the front for a short children’s message. Please encourage your children to join in or if they are hesitant, parents often will join their child at the front.
  • We love children and expect that at times young children will cry or need tending to. Please don't feel uncomfortable if it is your child! Should you need a quiet space, a nursery is available on the right as you walk towards the overflow area (ask an usher for directions). This space has a changing table, toys and a television for watching the service.
  • Coffee is served in the Social Room in the lower level of the building after each service. We welcome and encourage all who attend our service to join us so that we can get to know you. Along with your coffee we generally have a "little something" to go with it. While most of our member support coffee hour by occasionally contributing a dollar we do not expect our visitors to do so.

How is Communion Served?

  • All who believe that Jesus Christ is Lord are welcome to receive communion at Grace.
  •  Communion is typically service in a continuous manner near the front of the sanctuary
  • If you are not able to come to the front of the sanctuary for Communion, please let the usher know. The ushers will direct a server to serve you in your seat after the congregation has been served.

  • If you prefer to not receive communion, simply remain seated or stand to let others out of your pew and then return to your seat.

Method Used

  • The first server will give you bread or a wafer, which you should eat right away. The second server will offer wine from a tray of small glasses (white grape juice is also available in the center of the tray). The third server will collect your empty glass. Once you are finished you may return to your seat.
  • At times communion is served by intinction (dipping). The first server will hand you a piece of bread or wafer, which you will dip into a large glass of wine held by the second server.
  • With either method, you have the option of grape juice rather than wine.

What If I Don't Have Transportation?

  • We are temporarily without Sunday transportation.  We hope to have something lined up in the next year.